Activate Flutnet License


 cool Remeber that you can try Flutnet completely for free.


Activating the Flutnet license is easy and will allow you to use the Flutnet framework in your Xamarin applications. The procedure is simple and is identical from both Windows and macOS operating systems.


  laugh  Activating the license will provide you:

  • No limitation on code generation from C# to Dart
  • No limitation on runtime calls from Flutter to Xamarin and vice versa


Insert the activation code in the licensing section

After purchasing the license you will receive the activation code. You can retrieve the activation code in your email or from the

My Account → My Licenses 

section in your Flutnet account after signing into the site.

Now that you have the licence code just open the Flutnet Console and choose the Licensing menu: insert your licence code and press the "activate" button.



Register your application IDs

With the license activated you can use the Flutnet SDK in your project. You should register each one of your applications (Android and iOS) specifying theirs application IDs. After the application ID is added, you can copy the specific Application Key associated with you License configuring the Flutnet library in your Xamarin project.

Press the key button relative to the target application, to copy on the clipboard the application id.




Insert the application key in the Init method of the target application project.

(ViewController.cs for iOS and MainApplication.cs for Android)

// Init runtime with the associate application-key (see app keys in the Flutnet Console)

// Register the service
FlutnetRuntime.RegisterPlatformService(new MyService(), "my_service");

// Start the bridge .....