Flutnet Trial Version

After installing the Flutnet SDK, you will be in trial mode: opening the Flutnet Console, you'll see a bottom red bar indicating the trial version of the software.



Trial Version Limitations

Trial version was born with the purpuse to show developers all the potentials behind the Flutnet idea, but with some limitations:

  1. Unique application ID (bundle) → com.example.app
  2. Code generation class count (max 10) for
  3. Native calls from Flutter to Xamarin and vice versa (max 100 from application start)




Application bundle (ID) & Application keys


In order use the FlutnetRuntime library, you need to initialize it with the application-key correlated with the app.


The application-key is associated with the application-id (App Bundle).

You can check the application id in

  • AndroidManifest.xml (for Android) 
  • Info.plist (for iOS).


To generate the application-key from the application-id you just need to go on the "Application Keys" section in the Flutnet Console program and add your applications ids. (Note that this feature is enabled only by activating the Flutnet License.)


enlightened In Trial Version all the applications will be generated using an unique application-id: com.example.app.

Use the associated key to initialize the flutnet runtime.