Release History

Flutnet 1.0.5 - February 05, 2021

Flutnet now fully supports inheritance and polymorphism in ServiceLibrary.

  • Published new Flutnet.Android & Flutnet.iOS packages on NuGet Gallery with inheritance & polymorphism support for PlatformData and PlatformOperations.
  • Extended code generation for base and derived Dart classes in flutter packages.
  • Minor bug fixes & improvements.

Flutnet 1.0.4 - December 16, 2020

New Flutter configuration wizard & Compatibility with Flutter 1.22.4 and 1.22.5.

  • Published new binding libraries on NuGet Gallery referencing the latest stable releases of Flutter 1.22.4 and 1.22.5.
  • Flutnet Console has a new wizard that can assist you in troubleshooting your current Flutter installation and configuring all the required environment variables.

Flutnet 1.0.3 - October 1, 2020

First stable release.

  • Minor bug fixes & improvements.

Flutnet 1.0.2 [BETA] - September 15, 2020

Added support for the new Community License and for multiple versions of Flutter, including the latest stable release 1.20.3.

  • Flutnet Console can now detect the installed version of Flutter and create projects that reference the proper NuGet packages.
  • Flutnet Console can also be used to activate the new Community License for non-commercial purposes.
  • Published new binding libraries on NuGet Gallery referencing Flutter 1.20.3.
  • Updated project templates: Xamarin apps now start with a splash screen and display an alert if Flutnet initialization fails.

Flutnet 1.0.1 [BETA] - August 27, 2020

Flutnet is now compatible with the latest stable release of Flutter (1.20.2)!

  • Published new binding libraries on NuGet Gallery referencing Flutter 1.20.2
  • Published new class libraries on NuGet Gallery containing bug fixings.
  • Updated project templates to reference the latest NuGet Packages.

Flutnet 1.0.0 [BETA] - July 31, 2020

First release.

  • Performance improvements in flutnet pack command.
  • Fixed an issue when running flutter build aar command on Windows that was causing the error "filename too long!".