Below you can find the most suitable license for you among the various proposals.

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Community License


The Community License has following limitations
  • Can be used by private individuals only; companies, organizations and business entities (including colleges, universities and non-profit organizations) are not eligible for this kind of license.
  • Can be used for non-commercial purposes only; this means that an application developed and distributed under Community License:
    • Must be free to download and install from either Google Play Store and Apple App Store;
    • Must not promote any company / organization / business entity;
    • Must not directly or indirectly result in financial gain.
  • Any application developed and distributed under Community License must include a notice stating that the product was made with Flutnet.

For a list of technical limitations, please visit the license comparison page


Developer License


The Developer License allows the installation on up to two (2) physical computers (or virtual machines) per operating system and used by the same single developer (a Windows desktop, a Windows laptop, a MacOS desktop, a MacOS laptop).

Developer Ordinary price

Company License

The Company License allows installation on a maximum number of hosts (physical personal computers or virtual machines).
For more than 100 hosts, please contact US.


College, University and non-profit organization

For Colleges, University and non-profit organizations please contact US  for a special 50% OFF on all license type.