Flutnet, the fusion between Flutter and Xamarin. They come together and combine in a single native App.

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Flutnet is made by Novagem Solutions

Flutter GUI and Xamarin backend

Flutnet allows you to embed Flutter in Xamarin applications in a simple and fast way

Code generator and building

Auto generated Dart code, from your .NET Standard Library and build support for native link

Full Debug

Maintenance of native developer environment for full source-level debugger for any language, Dart and C#



Latest News
April 19, 2021 - Flutnet 2 is here!
Today we're thrilled to announce that Flutnet 2.0.0 is available and is compatible with the latest releases of Flutter 2 — 2.0.4 and 2.0.5.
February 05, 2021 - Flutnet 1.0.5 released
We're pleased to announce a new version of Flutnet is available. Now Flutnet fully supports inheritance and polymorphism in ServiceLibrary.
January 26, 2021 - Compatibility with Flutter 1.22.6
We've just published new NuGet Packages in order to make Flutnet compatible with Flutter 1.22.6 stable.

What is Flutnet?

Flutnet is a set of tools and libraries that will make super easy embed Flutter (graphical framework) inside a Xamarin application (as a backend layer) to obtain a powerful and native cross platform application.

Right tools for different goals: we combine a great toolkit for building beautiful native UI (fully-customizable widgets written in record time using the Dart language) together with the power of  C# across multiple platforms due to integrate modern backend services, native APIs, components and more.

How does Flutnet work?

Flutnet generates a minimum set of Flutter and Xamarin projects, preconfigured to compile, and merges them into a single cross platform application: the developer just needs to extend those projects to create his custom application.

Using Flutnet SDK, the developer can:

  • define variables and complex data structures in C# and convert them in Dart code automatically
  • define and share execution code between Flutter and Xamarin
  • ​​​​​​call C# methods from Dart
  • expose events from C# to Dart
  • propagate Exceptions from C# to Dart
  • access NET Standard and native Xamarin resources and code (Android/iOS) from Flutter


Flutnet Console


Flutnet Console is a graphical tool, available for Windows and macOS, that will automatically generate a set of Flutter and Xamarin projects preconfigured to be compiled and mergeable into a single cross platform application.



Development environment and debugging

Flutnet supports both Windows and macOS 

You can use Visual Studio Code to develop the Flutter UI module in Dart and Visual Studio to develop the Xamarin backend written in C#. 

Flutnet provides a special way to execute your application allowing to debug its parts, Dart and C#, each one in its pertinent IDE environment with breakpoints, code inspection and more.

Flutnet allows Flutter plugins usages


Flutter plugins allow Flutter code to access native platform functionality, like rendering a video on screen or taking a photo using native camera API on Android and iOS.

Flutnet is compatible with the most used Flutter’s plugins (others will be added in the next future), see the complete list here.


  Available for Windows and macOS
  Develop native mobile app for Android and iOS
  Full debug available
  Full duplex communication via native "Flutter Channels"
  Simple wizard for creating initial projects and folders
  Code generator translate structures and methods from C# to Dart
  Call C# methods from Dart
  Events propagation from C# to Dart
  Custom Exceptions definition and propagation from C# to Dart
  Sync and Async call support
  Configurable UI thread callbacks for each platform

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Flutnet is made by Novagem Solutions.

Email  :    support@flutnet.com