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Technical FAQ

Flutnet SDK is a powerful set of tools that will make very easy integrate two different technology in a single and cross platform application: Xamarin and Flutter togheter.
Right tools for different goals: Flutnet allow to combine a great toolkit for building beautiful UI (Flutter) with the flexibility to write native code for both Android and IOS (Xamarin). Other important reason is that Flutter is written in Dart, a code language that have a lot in common with C#, so the integration is simple for both Xamarin and Flutter Developer. At last but not less important, both Xamarin and Flutter are open-source with a big community behind it, making the choice of these technologies reliable.
A Flutnet project is just a set of Xamarin and Flutter projects configured to be integrate in a single Xamarin application (see the documentation). You will develop you Xamarin part using Microsoft Visual Studio and the Flutter part using you preferred Flutter IDE (like Visual Studio Code).
Yes of course. You just need to align your Xamarin project like a normal Flutnet Project (see Flutnet Project Structure) adding all the required dependecies. This operation is not immediate, but it is feasible with no doubts.
Yes of course. You just need to convert the flutter project from type application to type module, and create a new Flutnet project. If you are using specific flutter plugins, check if they are already supported. For more information go to the Documentation or Contact us.