Flutnet Project Structure


Before deeping how to Write your first Flutnet app

We need to understand the basics about a Flutnet Project and the concept of all its parts.


This section will cover:




Project directory structure

The first thing to do is create the project using Flutnet UI tool.


The default configuration for a project named "MyFirstApp" will generate a directory structured like the image below.


The directory have assumed the name of the project and inside it we can find:

  • the Xamarin solution named MyFirstApp.slnthat contains all the relative Xamarin projects → open it with Visual Studio.
    • MyFirstApp.Android contains the Android app project
    • MyFirstApp.iOS contains the iOS app project
    • MyFirstApp.ServiceLibrary contains all the shared code between Android, iOS and Flutter (see PlatformService)
    • MyFirstApp.ModuleInterop.Android used to link Flutter(Android) and Xamarin(Android) together →  Never edit this project
    • MyFirstApp.PluginInterop.iOS used only in case you need some flutter plugins for ios project. (See the example Flutnet-Video-Player-Plugin for more details).
  • The related Flutter projects (UI+bridge)
    • ​The UI project (flutter module)  my_first_app → open it with Visual Studio Code.
    • The my_first_app_bridge (bridge package) project​​ that contains
      • core communication between Xamarin and Flutter
      • all the PlatformService the you want to export from the *.ServiceLibrary project
      • all the Dart code is generated by the $ flutnet pack command


 If you never developed a Flutter application, just follow the official guide at following link: Write your first Flutter app.




Flutnet solution and dependencies


When we open a Flutnet solution in Visual Studio, we will find a situation like this


A Flutnet project is composed by four projects, each one with specific Nuget package:

  1. Xamarin Android  Flutnet.Android (NuGet pkg)

  2. Xamarin iOS  Flutnet.iOS (NuGet pkg)

  3. Xamarin ServiceLibrary   Flutnet.ServiceModel (NuGet pkg)

  4. Xamarin InteropModule Android  Flutnet.Interop.Android (NuGet pkg)




Here you can see the dependencies tree for Flutnet Nuget Packages