Download Flutnet SDK

Flutnet is "free software"; you can download it without paying any license fee. The version of Flutnet you download isn’t a "demo" version, with limitations not present in a "full" version; it is the full version.

Source Code Repository

Flutnet source code is available on GitHub. Your pull requests will be welcome.

Flutnet consists of multiple repositories:

  • flutnet-xamarin-bindings: Xamarin bindings for Flutter engine's embedding APIs. These bindings are used to integrate a Flutter module into a Xamarin app.
  • flutnet-xamarin-libs: Class libraries that allow the communication between Flutter and Xamarin inside a Xamarin.Android or Xamarin.iOS project.
  • flutnet-sdk: Flutnet Console and Flutnet CLI tools for project creation and Dart code generation.
  • samples: A collection of samples that illustrate how Flutnet works.

The license under which Flutnet is issued is the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 
Additional third party licenses may also exist in the code base such as the MIT or Apache 2.0 License, see the source code for complete and up to date details.

Flutnet 2.0.0

released April 19, 2021

This version is compatible with:

  • Flutter 2.0.4, 2.0.5
  • Xamarin.Android or above
  • Xamarin.iOS or above

Flutnet NuGet Packages

The Flutnet SDK will help you in creating Xamarin projects that reference all the required Flutnet packages available on NuGet Gallery. For more information about the project architecture you can read our official documentation.

If you want to manually create a Flutnet project from scratch or if you want to setup a private (offline) NuGet feed, please refer to our official NuGet page for all the packages you need to download.

What's new

Flutnet is now compatible with the latest stable releases of Flutter 2 — 2.0.4 and 2.0.5

  • Flutnet Console can generate projects targeting Flutter 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 (null-safety is disabled by default).
  • License activation is no longer required as well app key generation.